Welcome to Kawartha Lakes Winery! We’ve been in business for over 21 years and we’d love to show you just how fun, easy, and cost-effective it is to make your own wine. With many wines to choose from, there is something for every palate. We offer dry and off-dry whites, robust red wines, fruits wines that are perfect for summer, and flavoured ports for the holidays.

🍷 30 minutes to bottle your wine

🍷 Each kit makes 30 750-ml bottles

🍷 Alcohol content ranges from 8-13%

Our wine kits also contain very little sulphite, a preservative and potential allergen found in commercial wines.

Our Process

Step 1
Select a wine


Not sure what kind of wine to make? We can help you pick! Each kit makes 30 - 750 ml bottles of wine.

Step 2
Prep wine


Your wine is complemented with unique ingredients that make every kit special. You just need to add the yeast.

Step 3


Now that fermentation has started, your wine needs time to age. Your wine will be available in 4-8 weeks.

Step 4
Bottle & Enjoy


Your invoice will note the earliest your wine will be ready. Give us a call to book your bottling appointment.

The entire process is very simple. Your first visit, after selecting a wine, will only take 5 minutes. When you return for your bottling appointment, please set aside approximately 30 minutes for sterilization, bottle filling, and applying labels and shrink caps.

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